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Meet The Mulia Sentoso ( Astra Dewi Handoko Family ) Photographed by Roberto

Meet The Mulia Sentoso ( Astra Dewi Handoko Family ) Photographed by Roberto   When kids are easy to manage, we can play easily on how to style them From Vintage , to Cowgirls , from Cowgirls to Breakfast at Tiffany , they all play along with their roles We even thought of The Croods […]

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Daniel & Vionnie ( Photographed by Kay )

Whoever who don’t believe in fairy tale ….   Should come and meet Daniel and Vionnie ….   They came with smile ….   Preparing and planning prewedding with joy ….   Photoshooting in laughter …   And tying their knot in love and all the blessing   That’s enough to complete a fairy tale […]

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Cheryl Kids Fashion ( photographed by Norman TJ )

Talking about dress …. I have had gone through lots of discussions, debates and opinions that nice dresses aren’t essential for little ones … Coz the, basically, outgrow them before our eyes ……   People say it’s smarter to buy toys, books, to expand their imagination, then say …. Dresses ….But I have a different […]

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Erick & Regina ( photographed by Kay )

Still in the magic of Indonesia Two people in love In the land of serenity Where the beach kisses the sunrise …. And the deers still call the trees madness home ….   What else could be more beautiful …. Thanks Erick and Rere, missing the time we met for photo plans, missed all the […]

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Michelle Koesnadi ( photographed by Kay )

” You are a tiny miracle, Laying close to my beating heart, Each and everyday I feel your presence inside of my womb, We can’t wait to meet you, Before I knew your name, Before I saw your chin and your nose, Before I counted your fingers and toes, I asked heaven for someone as […]

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Jeffri and Devine ( photographed by Roberto )

  Sometimes a remarkable place just found right beside your doorstep …. Like what Jeffri and Devine found for their photo day … A last minute switch from Botanical Garden to the North of PIK …. close and easy … And we could have Bubble Tea and Caramel Toast afterwards !   Enjoy Jeffri and […]

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Malvin and Irene ( photographed by Kay )

I am going to start our prewedding blog with a fresh start, prewedding from around our very own country ….   Have you ever been to Jogja ? A classical Javanese city, loaded with fine art, batik, drama and the one and only … Borobudur …. Yes we all known that … But do you […]

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Behind The Scene : Elizabeth, A video by Calvin Jo, Edited by Kay Moreno

Bright light, Killer Heels, Lipstick and Rouge….. Music, Champagne and Couture…… What could a girl ask for more….   Video by : Calvin Jo        

Didi Budiardjo ( A Fashionable Life Photographed by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Paris ….   Coco Chanel made it here … Robert Doisneau inspired here …. Victor Hugo buried  here … Hemingway made a living here ….   City of inspiration City of love City of light City of young vandals City of starving artists City of everything you could call it ….   You may hate […]

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Clown Factory ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Clown Factory ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia ) Fashion Editor : Michael Pondaag Wardrobe : Sebastian Gunawan Photographer : Kay ( Moreno Photography ) Stylist Assistant : Gracyamanda Hutabarat Make up and hair : Willy Wahyudi ( W2 salon ) Menggunakan Sariayu trend warna 2014 insprirasi Borneo Aksesoris […]

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