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Days In Chateau Challain ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Fashion Editor     : Michael Pondaag Photographer       : Kay ( Moreno Photography ) Videographer      :  Agung Kurniawan ( Moreno Photography ) Wardrobe               : Chanel, Dior, Biasa, Bin House, Didi Budiardjo, Hian Tjen. Make up and hair : Donny Liem Aksesoris         […]

Captivated By The East ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Fashion Editor     : Michael Pondaag Photographer       : Kay ( Moreno Photography ) Wardrobe               : Kraton By Auguste Soesastro, Etro, Ghea Fashion Studio, Sejauh Mata Memandang, Carmanita-alun alun Indonesia, Didi Budiardjo. Make up and hair : Qiqi Franky and Team ( Make Up Menggunakan Cle […]

Dexter and Christina Wedding, Photographed by Roberto Moreno

Dexter and Christina Never a couple charms me like the way this couple do. Every single second of this event is magical The ceremony, the reception, the dance and most of all the song bride, Christina sang to her groom Dexter. And the world stop for awhile. Dexter and Christina Photographed by Roberto Makeup Susy […]

Vincent and Melissa Wedding, Photographed by Roberto Moreno

I Take You…. To be my BEST FRIEND, My Faithful partner and my one True Love… I Promise to encourage you & Inspire you and To LOVE YOU TRULY through ” GOOD TIMES AND BAD “…… I will Forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are DOWN… and to […]

Kok Yong and Inez Wedding, Photographed by Norman Moreno

yong and Inez Never a dull moment shooting Yong and Inez And today …. Is their funnest wedding day Every couple should be inspired by the simplicity but how fun and warm the wedding were. And here, is the array of picture remember Kok Yong and Inez Siantar Photographed by Norman Makeup Bride : Andreas […]

Reshi & Nabila Wedding, Photographed By Agung & Erick Moreno

I met the adorable miss Nabila at a Dimsum called Humble House in Lotte Avenue She and her mom was having a meeting with her trustful decorator, the one who suggest her vendors, Mr. @yu_cienlotus , he called me while I was eating in another table to join the awesomely pretty miss Nabila, to talk about photo, […]

Cheston And Ely Wedding Part 2 ( Photographed by Agung Moreno )

Here we ask our beautiful bride what is her 10 plus 10 most important things about her wedding And here she share 10 Things that is important for me while preparing wedding : The presence of my family; especially because we live far apart; and without them, the wedding wouldn’t have happened. And of course […]

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Cheston And Ely Wedding Part 1( Photographed by Agung Moreno )

There’s a quote says ” people could never forget how you make them feel ” When planning a wedding, lots of bride and groom to be aim for the most unique theme, decor, dress and photos …. For they love to have a memorable wedding that friends and families would never forget …..  Let’s remind […]

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Agus And Vicky Holy Matrimony ( Photographed by Calvin Moreno )

How does a bride who deals with brides on daily basis do her own wedding ? She surely know what to do and who to choose right from the day she say I do And yet ….. fuss free and effortless ….. Far from a bridezilla dream cause she knows her game Enjoy the first […]

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Juve And Imelda Wedding ( Photographed by Agung Moreno )

Everytime I witness an almost perfect wedding , I would come across a couple who don’t really go to the detail The couple who don’t control The bride who trust  The groom who let the vendor do their best Cause they really know a happy vendor work the best and pour all their energy to […]

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