Reynald and Francisca ( Photographed by Kay )

2010 is indeed a great great year …. there is so many photo trip with great memories, awesome experience and the most important ….. great couples …. Photoshoot with Rey and Cika ( a dear name from Reynald and Francisca ) was again, one of my greatest happiest one…. ( Even I was sent to the hospital at the end coz I was having a bad bad flu way before I fly to Bali but bear it ) but yet ….I still say this is one of our happiest moment in Menjangan… Rey and Cika came with both their mums, both mum are so fun to be with …. we totally clicked, and a young make up artist named Andreas who is one source of fun…. after a few shoots, I twit in my Twitter, “never knew hanging out with mums could be this fun” ….yuupp… despite of my own health condition ( maybe to much laughing as well) the photoshoot feels like a fun family picnic…..

Rey and Cika both kids from a very loving family, both mums are friends in their church, and the sky, the sea and even the sands know well, how Rey adoreee Cika….. it’s so heartwarming to see how Rey take a good care of Cika, hold her like a baby,and easily carried her effortlessly … Cika is so soft spoken , well mannered , and really really really pretty ….. the huge chemistry between them make their pictures look all natural… they really enjoyed each other, even under unforgiven 42 degree sun and wearing dark suites …..

And the fun continues till the studio photoshoot, the wedding day and the family studio in Mulia

Again… so sad the photoshoot are done…

Now Rey and Cika ( the adorably called each other Cici and Koko ) are on their way to cool cool Europe for a little honeymoon….. I bet they’ll be having lots of fun…. coz wherever you go….. the place will be even more beautiful …. when you have your loved one side by side …..

Make Up Outdoor : Andreas Zhu

Make Up Indoor : Susi Kleo

Rinaldy A. Yunardi (Photographed By Kay)

Can you think of any better way to celebrate your turning big 4 ….than having your good 40 years old look immortalized in a personal portraiture ? Like what Rinaldy A. Yunardi or whom we dearly called, Yung Yung did, early January ago in our studio in Kemang …..

And can you think of someone who posses those good look like him in this age ?

LotsĀ  of sleep, happiness surrounded by his shiny happy friends ( yes, he has tons of them ), a very positive attitude , and a very pure heart …. is all his secret to look this good…. oh yes …. not a single injection on his face involved….

Check him out…. and aim to look this good when you turn his age !

Happy birthday my dear gorgeous guy …….

Jemmy and Ella ( Photographed By Roberto )

One of my most awaited event …. the wedding of he very gorgeous Jemmy and Isabella ….. I’ve witnessed her trying on that exquisite Sebastian Gunawan number, cannot wait to see her in that gown, as a bride, with veil and crown ….. I was in awe looking at every single picture …. I really feel, these pictures are very Jemmy and very Ella too…… Their beauty and personality really shines ….and they are utterly, absolutely, happy, happy and happy…..

Fuschia is the main theme for the night ….

Everything is just so perfect ….

congratulations dear …. you are one awesome couple….

Gown : Sebastian Gunawan

Decor : Juliana Decor

Make Up : Stephanie Yacob

Jemmy and Ella (Photographed By Kay)

You know, when you have travelled with some one and went through lots of things, from shakey cruise trip, lost passport, medicine allergy,fun moments , ice cube rain, long transit, and even celebrating birthday, just the five of us ….. You’ll feel really close to that person … this is what we feel towards Jemmy and Ella ….. so many events happened in a trip…. we search the city together, taking turns to drive…. what a great experience …. and celebrating Ella’s 21st birthday, is so unforgetable ….

Missing them so much when we were both back to our city…. so used to listening to their voices during this trip….dine with them and just hanging around together

Check out how uber chic they are ….. Ella had planned her wardrobe well during this trip, she loves fashion and able to do a professional make up and hairdo all by herself, yes by herself … so planning her looks, was an eas, fast and very enjoyable things for her … as much as we enjoy her very stylish personal style…

I admire how she can pull this all together, all in a very short time too …. while Jemmy is all effortless but what a naturally chic guy he is….

Paris trip was extra fun with the guy who accompanied us along the way, Richard …. missed those great great times….

Congratulations Jemmy, Ella, I havent gone through your wedding pics but Roberto said it’s the most beautiful wedding ever….. missed you …… Hope to see you around and make more reason to come to Jakarta after wedding to see us ………….