Exhibition’s (Photographed by Merwin,Displayed picture by Kay, Decor by Lotus and Moreno)

Harpers Bazaar wedding exhibition is coming up .. 7,8,9,10 in Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Ballroom … We’ll be there next to Lotus Stand … Come and say hi to us ….

To answer loads of phone calls coming in to our office these past few days, asking if there’s any special offer during the exhibition, well, we don’t have and never have any special offer in any circumstances … In our 11 years of career … We want to keep a good relationship to everyone, by having a fair pricing to everyone, thus, I don’t think it’s fair for those who’ve paid and booked us in full price then to find out their friends could have a better offer only because they book later during the exhibition .. Noo … We would not want that happened to our customer

And also , we don’t do any ‘ during exhibition transaction ‘ … Wedding is a once in a life time event … How could you make such a fast decision only by looking at the exhibition ?

So …. The exhibition is a place where you can say hi , check out new pics , look at our new ideas , and make appointment to meet again next time ….

So …. I’ll see you there …

Here are some pictures from our previous exhibitioon booth in Plaza Indonesia.

for friends who havent got a chance to drop by our previous display in Plaza Indonesia…..these are the pics…. this exhibition is to give inspiration on new ideas and ways to display your picture at home…. from having your pics on the lampshade, to digital frames …. and also various kind of canvass… e.g.we use the real painting canvass to prin pictures on it for that real antique effect…. enjoy…..

And for celebrating spring time and Plaza Indonesia’s 20th birthday ….Here is our Spring Wonderland display… all the pictures are happy,smiley, dreamy with a zest of spring sensation…. We even add bird chirping sound inside the display area…. for friends who haven’t got the chance to visit last April…. check this out…..