Bayu and Gloria ( photographed by Kay )

One thing that thrill me about this photo session for Bayu and Gloria is … how they open to ideas and how they sunk themselves and play along with their own character to suit with the golden sultry era of the photo concept ….. yet with lots of crazy act and laughter in between shots ( that become one of the craziest behind the scene photos ) …. great costume and props, right location and off course , great character of Bayu and Gloria …… I was thrilled to upload these pics since that photo day ……

Makeup : Donnie Lim

William and Willyana ( Photographed by Kay )

William and Willyana , what a couple name …. such a soulmate ! that’s what we thought when we first met them one fine evening in our studio ….. they sounds like team …. they are duo W ! Check out how this duo that has been dating for years teamed up in this photoshoot , they really match each other well, complete each other well , have same taste , and off course …. they create fun and positive atmosphere during the shoot ….. look at them, and the mixed concept … they can become anything and can take every look and style ….
Great to know both of you …..
Great couple

Make Up : Donnie Lim

Louis and Fiona ( Photographed by Kay )

It’s so easy to fall in love with Louis and Fiona … even this first very sight when we meet them in Sydney … Louis and Fiona is this couple from Hong Kong … Louis is a brother from our previous couple Carmen and Edmond …. so all the way they fly from Hong Kong and meet us for the very first time …. we were lovestruck !

Who’s not gonna fall in love with them? they are charming, energetic, and never a single dull moment when they are around … they are like this huge dynamo which brightened up every one surrounds them ….

These picture speak about their happy relationship … how they are so fond of each other …. ( they never fail to hold each other hands, everywhere ) …. not too much choreographed and totally not much planned …. they are just expressing their love…..
Don’t you think this is actually the real purpose of engagement photos ?

Makeup by : Sophie Liu
Coach driver : Samsu