Frantze Hobbitt and Lia , the Wedding …..

For us, the wedding vendors …. Frantze ( a.k.a. famous as Hobbitt, yes, that Hobbitt from Lord of The Rings ) and Lia ( a fellow wedding organizer ) ‘s wedding, is one of the most awaited wedding after Will and Kate Royal Wedding, infact, their wedding, for us, is more happening than the Royal Wedding…. that day, all of us Hobbitt and Lia’s friend, changed all our BB profile pic to their picture …with message ” Hobbitt and Lia, The Royal Wedding ” …. Look at us … we don’t accept another job for this event, decorator,fellow wedding organizers, fellow makeup artists, MC’s, designers, make up artists event the kids were skipping school for this most awaited event …. Well this is not a big lavish reception, it’s simple yet homey …. the most thing that make us all giddy and high on excitement is …. our bold and sisterly friendship with this very funny lovely couple …… At the most awaited reception … Lia’s previous and new customers came on time, not to missed the procession entourage ( song : Sugar and Final Countdown ) and stay till 10.30 pm to 11.00. pm…. I never seen any enthusiasts like this in a reception ….. Everyone was there …..
Yes …. Frantze and Lia is neither celebrities , nor prince and princess and far from royalty …. But our sisterly brotherly friendship, their warm funny personality, their deep sincere kindness …. and everything that we all been through together …. had made Frantze and Lia as Prince and Princess and have a special royalty palace in our heart …… Congratulations my dear brother and sister …. we are all so very happy to see both of you so gorgeous and happy on your wedding day …. may your hand forever clasped in friendship, and your heart forever joined in love …. God bless …..

Make Up : Lisa Lu Vaze
Gowns : Elly be Gorgeous

Love Shill ( photographed by Kay )

A collection inspired by happiness ….. high spirited ….. deliriousness …. a feeling that human feel when they were so much …. in LOVE …..
The same feeling a child with too much sugar ….. sugar high …. happy, free and very active ….. ( yes, Shill’s idea for this photoshoot was all inspired by sugar high little girls ) …..
Photoshoot with Shill is always funfared and full of foodies and and galores of goodies… The end result of these photos are handrawn illustrated by a great young talent, Felix Tjahyadi …..
Fantabulous ( Shill’s favorite word for fantastic and fabulous ) make up and fashion director, groups of little kids with their mums …. cotton candy machine , bowls of Bakmie and Bakso Gorengs, fun models …. and Shill herself and her team …. had made this photoshoot funtastic and fun jammed ….. so look forward to the next shoot with Shill ……

” Love is Much More than Love ”
Claire, Jacques Chardonne

Fashion Stylist : Michael Pondaag
Makeup and Hair : QQ Franky and Team
Illustration : Felix Tjahyadi
Adult Models : Masha Litvinova & Santi Waine ( VTM )
Kids models : Abigail C. Rusli, April J. Widira, Anneroos Slangen, Cohen Osborne, Ellefleur Slangen, Jacquelyn I. Rusli, Juliette Harber, Summer F. Widira, Warren D. Rusli and Wilma Korpirine

Jon,Tience And Austin (Photographer By Kay)

Jon, Tience …and Austin

One of the greatest session we both really look forward to in this long trip, is to shoot this lovely young family , The Wuisan’s

We’ve been knowing Tience and Jon since their prewedding days in Sydney and Studio, it was such a joy to help shooting their pre wedding back in 2009 ….. a very lovely couple whom we regularly get together everytime we visif Sydney …. we share same taste of food ( they are really good for recomending great food and restaurants, from the best Suckling Pig in Eastwood to the never ending queau little shop in Balmain, Adriano Zumbo …..then I thought Jon and Tience should write a Sydney Good Food Guide ) ….. and a great shopping friend too.
We hung out with Jon and Tien during her pregnancy days too …..

Naturally, everytime we visit Sydney, we hang out with Jon and Tience ….. as a always say….. Sydney is so homey because of them ….
This Autumn …. ( yup, Australian’s Autumn ) …. we are so excited to meet with the Wuisan’s again ….. and their new addition : Austin Goldwyn Wuisan …. whom I always saved his pic from Tience’s BBM ‘s profile …. because he is super cute

Can’t wait to see this very very cute, pink, very well attired and very funky baby….. He is so cute that Kay, the photographer couldn’t get his hands off him….. Austin doesn’t need a nanny or manny …. both the photographer and the coach driver are so eager to take care of him while mummy and daddy were changing clothes and getting ready…..

Austin is a very easy baby….. he sleep and fed at very regular hour…. he even already slept whole night long since 3 months age…. thanks to mom and dad’s well planned baby management ….. and …. Austin is very easy to entertain too ….. and one thing I really admire about him is , he get changed without any tantrum and never mind to be accesorized with bow tie too ……
Was a great joy to photo and especially to get together with The Wuisan’s again ….. and plus their little addition that shines the day , baby Austin ….. We are blessed with great great weather ( after raining the whole week ) …. and had truly great great time ….. and as the cherry on the top of this very happy day ….

a BB message from Jon that says ” thanks for the, as always, great pictures and great result ….. look forward for the next trip ” …… off course ….

We are always looking forward to hang out with The Wuisan’s too ……

Jo Widira

Love Connection ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Love Connection ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )
Fashion Editor : Michael Pondaag
Car : BMW Gran Turismo
Location : Alila Villas Soori and Alila Villas Uluwatu
Make up and hair. QQ Franky and Team using MAC and L’oreal Proffesionnel
Stylist Assistant : Veronica Arviana
Wardrobe : Cymbeline, GAP, Banana Republic, Bin House,Uluwatu, BIASA,(X)S.M.L. , Massimo Dutti, Arena , House of Irsan,

Marks & Spencer, ET Club, Irsan Red Label, Raoul , Funky Princess, Linea, Niconico Mare,9,Zara, Oka Diputra, Andreas,

Camera property of : JPC Kemang