Sugih and Dita ( Photographed by Kay )

After lots of discussion on location, time, schedules, and preparation ( yes it’s not so easy to match the schedule between Kay , Donnie Liem and the busy couple at these moments ) at last they are here in the studio …… this very calm and cool couple’s session simply just flow smoothly ….. ( both are more talkative written in BB more than in verbal conversation , just like me ) …. and here are their very calm and cool gorgeous pics … congratulations Sugih and Dita ….. God bless you in everything you do ….

Make Up : Donny Liem
Gown : Wedding Boutique

Affendy and Olavia ( photographed by Kay )

Flower blooms and sun shines at it best ….. there is always beautiful days, when two blessed people in love ….. Affendy and Olavia are all about shiny happy people ….. not a single drip of worryness in them prior havin their photoshoot …. yes, a good team of Diora ( stylist ) and Ike Hartono ( Makeup artist ) brighten their day too …..

” The Measure of Love is to Love without Measure ” – Saint Augustin –

Makeup : Ike HArtono ( 08158175657 )