Robby and Ervina ( photographed by Kay )

One very fine Spring in France ….. One gorgeous and terribly kind couple …. and a great amount of fun and laughter …. not to mention those laughable memories , too much hilarious things happened that drew every single person in this photo session team become very close together ….. too memorable to be forgotten …. I am stilll smiling look at these pictures, from airport Jakarta to studio session at Kemang ….. missing those cute cute moments …. congratulations dear … this is the day … *and we’re still chatting silly things on BBm on this morning of your engagement day ….

Makeup Outdoor : Andreas Zhu 08567771087
Makeup Indoor : Donnie Liem 08128308965
Gowns : Didi Budiardjo , Elly Be Gorgeous

Agus and Dian ( Photographed by Kay )

Picture would never lie …. lenses are sharper than our very own eyes …. One can never get away , to be appeared in the pictures that they are so happily in love and crazy about each other …. look at Agus and Dian …. it’s pretty hot and not a very easy place down there in Menjangan where they shoot their pictures …. but when one look at it …. all you see is happiness and loveee …. dont you agree ?

” My heart is like a singing bird …. because my love is come to me ” – Christina Rossetti-

Makeup : Berti ( 08122020422 )

Elwin and Susan ( photographed by Kay )

How I wanted to share this photos of Elwin and Susan, the happy feeling seeing them together in Cathedral this afternoon is super…
We’ve been knowing Susan from her sister and cousins who was our previous bride ….. then…. comes along Elwin….
We witnessed their PDKT ( get to know each other days ) in Bali during a cousin of Susan’s prewedding trip ….. how they choose the bike trail together rather than joining us in a car ( Susan in her brown tracksuit ) and swimming just the two of them ( Susan in her brown swimsuit ) rather than munching with us….. Susan ( in her brown everything ) and Elwin ( with love sparkle in his eyes ) looks soooo good together….. long before they announced that they were engaged….. we knew we will soon seeing them again…. and this time , as couple doing their own photo session….
Dont you just wanna giggle to see the happiness flowing in these pictures …. they laugh, had fun, giddy and giggles …. love is… yes… in the air … wherever they were…..
Somehow…. Elwin and Susan reminds me again and again… how lucky we are to always surrounded by people in love like them…. Congratulations my dear…. you both look super today… will soon post your wedding one…. and ohhh…. will have Papercranes to tag us your video…..

Makeup Outdoor : Andreas Zhu ( 08567771087 )
Makeup Indoor : Andhy Chun Chun ( 08553556677)
Gown : Elly Be Gorgeous ( 08161324519 )

Agus and Rani ( photographed by Kay )

Venice is the city where they shoot the blockbuster “The Tourist” and yet …. it’s one of our “most surrounded by the real tourists ” experience in our photoshooting journey too …. I lost count how many times people stop us and asked, which magazine is this photoshoot for, or is it for a movie, and even people stop in front of the couple and exclaim ” Oh you are so gorgeous ” ….. and I dont have any idea anymore how to stop the tourists to shoot this couple ….. kind of tiring to shoo people away, but again, this is what you have to face when you are with a gorgeous couple ……yes, it aint easy to drive people away from beautiful sight…… ( I have the full behind the scene crowd issue for Agus and Rani to keep and to remember ) …..
Congratulations on your wedding dear …… stay gorgeously in love ….

Gown : Tex Saverio
Outdoor Makeup : Andreas Zhu
Indoor Makeup : Donnie Liem