Ricky and Erika ( photographed by Kay )

We bound over plates of nasi goreng, talked till midnight …. that was right after a full day photoshoot ….There is something about Ricky and Erika that made you love being around them ….. Even …. we never meet each other before …. all the arrangement was made through BBm and emails …. The feeling was mutual …. Ricky and Erika called for another session of photo studio shoot, we were so look forward to the session … and bound more , laugh, eat and be merry ….. Most of our previous couple become close friend after the photo session …. Ricky and Erika surely be one of them …. this is the perk of our job, more and more close friend to come …. people that we love to spend time with and look forward to spend holiday together …. Ricky is a very funny man, he has this quality that I called ‘people’s person’ …. he can talk about anything and knows everything ….he has this magnet that made everyone stick to him. Erika is this very chic girl with impeccable taste …. with a ‘to die for’ collection of wardrobe ….and one thing that made us attract her most is her sense of humour and of course, this pretty gal, just like her husband … she knows and can talk about everything …. what an interesting couple …… Ricky and Erika … congratulations for you wedding ….. and … thank you for your trust and also our friendship ….. look forward to have your surprise visit to our office again and again …. we always love your suprises

makeup : Donnie Liem and Lisa Luvaze
All Wardrobe by : Eddy Betty Couture

Willius and Cameria ( photographed by Kay )

Willius and Cameria ( photographed by Kay )

Singapore is oh so close but yet so chic …. this is our first Singapore trip since 2010 …. Not much change but still challenging to be explored ….. With two uber chic couple … with an attitude that rock the urban world …. exploring Singapore turns out to be a fashionable experience …..

Makeup Artist : Adi Adrian
Gown : Sally Koeswanto