Edo and Melza ( photographed by Kay )

Melza had me from the first hello ( on the phone ), she called and said she was a bridesmaid from Novita, a previous bride, and Novita highly recommend us to her …. On the phone then BB messages I knew for sure that Melza is this lovely bride to be, lovely and full of life…. I told the photographer and make up artist that I believe they gonna love this couple and yes they did .. Everyone loves them … even the March in New York that agonizingly cold and windy … changed for this lovable lovebirds ….. Cherry Blossoms bloom for them and a friendly temperature is switched for them …. ( The weather was unforgiven cold right after the photo day end ) …. everything is just so beautifully prepared by nature …. Edo and Melza you are the loveliest one …. keep on the loveliness and beautify the world : make up : Lisa Lu Vaze 081807531234

Sugi and Lily ( photographed by Kay )

I am kind of pushing Sugi and Lily to have to have to have to let me post their pictures in our Facebook once their wedding day is done …. I really want to show things he wear and she wear on their prewedding ….Every outfit was well, elegant, demure and highly stylish … from Ballerina shape gown, Balmain iconic jacket, fur jacket, one shoulder dresses ( not shown here ) Tex Saverio’s pearl dress ( not shown here ), some smart casual outfit and off course a very chic man ensembles to match his stylish wife …. I love the so inspiring outfit …. and Husein Yunior’s make up and hairdo to match …. love their style ….not to mention, love their companionship too …. 3 cities together with them, naturally we bounded for life …. been together in trips ups and downs ( but more ups ) we are missing each other after the trip ….. Sugi and Lily congratulations for your glamorous wedding …. sorry cannot come but I keeping up with your wedding through Delano in Path haahhahah …. hope to get together in a future trip again …. off course …. Sugi drive and complete with a bottle of mineral water in each side of the car …. missing those moments….. makeup : Husein Yunior 08138033888