Yohan and Tania ( photographed by Roberto )

Yohan and Tania ( photographed by Roberto )


They say ….. smile is indeed the best make up for any woman ….. I do believe smile and sincere heart is the most important thing you need on your wedding day …. it reflects in your picture …. when you worry, you frown, you wont like the result in the video or photos …..
Relax, happy go lucky and have that Whatever will be will be attitude …. and enjoy this once in a lfetime event

as I always believe too ….

It’s the marriage that’s count. wedding is 12 hours matter ….. yes it’s your big day but if it doesnt go as what you’ve been dreaming of….. stay happy …… just remember you need lots of compromise later in your life ,….. and wedding is an event that need lots of compromise ….. whether between parents, brother and sister and between husband and wife …..

Yohan and Tania is a great couple who enjoy each minutes of their wedding day … all smiley happy and grateful ….
we thanks them for this attitude …. this really help us the photographer to produce happy pictures too

congratulations Yohan and Tania

love forever

Makeup : Donny Liem
Wedding Gown : be Gorgeous
cake : le Nouvelle
WO : Kennisha
Venue : Kempinski