Brad and Elly ( photographed by Roberto )

Still set in the Island of God ( and Goddess ) Brad and Elly tied their knot in the most beautiful way, as sky, ocean and sun as their witness ……. Brad and elly said their vows in the most beautiful dreamy way

Congratulations dear, may your hand forever clasped in friendship and your hearts forever joined in love

Wedding Organizer : Riviera by Hartawan ( 081225619877 )
Make Up by : Bronwyn Sabat ( Australia )
Wedding Dress : De Reina

Michael and Stephanie ( photographed by Kay )

one could never bored of Bali ….. the island has everything … the romance of high tree, international aknowledged hotel, ocean, cloud and everything, one could never have enough or Bali …. and the beauty of couple in love ….

happy gorgeous one and pretty wardrobe to match …… thanks Michael and Stephanie … it’s been a joy knowing you both …… love forever

Make Up : Ely Agustina
Wardrobe : Imelda Hudiyono
Hian Tjen

Kenji and Jessica ( photographed by Kay )

everytime I see a couple for the very first time and to show off our portfolio I would like to ask, what kind of couple you would like to see …… because we have many many characters that we try to fullfill and suit to who are they, their lifestyle and simply their personal style …..

and I would pledge, if you see something extraordinary, please please do not judge, it is each couple to express their personality

Kenji and Jessica is not your ordinary couple
They are young, creative, sporty and very very goodlooking

have creative vision on what their photo would be

and again, very very good looking
well built too ..

Thanks Kenji and Jessica …..
awesomness overloaded

Make Up by : Ely Agustina
Fashion Stylist : Michelle Koesnadi from Loft 20
Wardrobe : Loft 20

Ronald and Astrid ( photographed by Roberto )

There’s one love quote, yes a long one, from Bob Marley, yes can you believe, something so loveable comes from someone like Bob Marley …… yes it is him …… read before you decice to quit ….. this is sooo sweet and sooo aplicable to all our lovely couple ….. as lovely as Ronald and Astrid ….. so here’s the quote…

he’s not perfect, you aren’t either, and the two of you will never be perfect.
but he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice
and if he admits to being human and make mistakes
hold onto him and give him the most you can
He isn’t going to quote poetry
He is not thinking about you every moment
but he will give you a part of him
that he knows you could break
don’t hurt him, don’t change him, and don’t expect for more than he can give
don’t analyze
smile when he makes you happy
yell when he makes you mad
and miss him when he’s not there
love hard when there’slove to be had
because perfect guys don’t exist

but there’s one guy that is perfect for you

I guess Ronald is just so perfect to his wife Astrid …. could see the sparks in their eyes
congratulations my dear

love each other forever
make up : Michelle
Wedding Gown : Ely Agustina
WO : Majestic