Michelle Koesnadi ( photographed by Kay )

" You are a tiny miracle,
Laying close to my beating heart,
Each and everyday I feel your presence inside of my womb,
We can't wait to meet you,

Before I knew your name,
Before I saw your chin and your nose,
Before I counted your fingers and toes,
I asked heaven for someone as wonderful as you,
And every prayer and wish came true,
I dreamed of you .... "

Makeup by   : Utje 
Wardrobe    : Loft 20

Jeffri and Devine ( photographed by Roberto )


Sometimes a remarkable place just found right beside your doorstep ….

Like what Jeffri and Devine found for their photo day …

A last minute switch from Botanical Garden to the North of PIK ….

close and easy … And we could have Bubble Tea and Caramel Toast afterwards !


Enjoy Jeffri and Devine sunshine’s high voltage smile and laughter as much as we enjoy them


Love you much Jeff and Devine


Love each other forever


Madly in love, like Mickey and Minnie


Makeup                               : Andreas zhu

Wardrobe                           : Loft 20

Malvin and Irene ( photographed by Kay )

I am going to start our prewedding blog with a fresh start,

prewedding from around our very own country ….


Have you ever been to Jogja ? A classical Javanese city,

loaded with fine art, batik, drama and the one and only … Borobudur ….

Yes we all known that … But do you really know how exotic is being under the Jogja’s sky ? They have more than what we all normally know ….


Malvin and Irene surely know more than us …..

They choose Jogya ….

They love it ….

And in love to each other ….



Photographed : by Kay

Makeup by    : Andreas Zhu

Wardrobe     : Biyan, Didi Budiardjo, Linda Mariani, Adrian Gan


Didi Budiardjo ( A Fashionable Life Photographed by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Paris ….


Coco Chanel made it here …

Robert Doisneau inspired here ….

Victor Hugo buried  here …

Hemingway made a living here ….


City of inspiration

City of love

City of light

City of young vandals

City of starving artists

City of everything you could call it ….


You may hate it, you might think it stinks, boring,  old, dirty,

and a snob ….


But it will never lose its charms as The Most Beautiful City in the World ….


We … Everyone involved in this photoshoot …. Love … Head over Heels to Paris … We enjoyed every little inch of this journey …

The small pavement alley, the Ramen, the doves, the wet puddled road,

the wine , the great time , everything in it leave a divine memory …..

I think that’s the essence of  photo travelling should be ……


Paris ….


It’s like a beautiful, untamed, unpolished, and mysterious young lady …..


You know she’s not for you ….


But you want to know more ….

And you just wanna stay next to her …

Even you know it’s not for eternal ….


Didi Budiardjo , had lived, learned, laugh, educated and love Paris ….

Share some of the places he’ll love to be ….

In this city of love ….


Enjoy his journey with us ….

To the places which sticks in his mind ….




Paris Je t’aime ….


Clown Factory ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Clown Factory ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )
Fashion Editor : Michael Pondaag
Wardrobe : Sebastian Gunawan
Photographer : Kay ( Moreno Photography )
Stylist Assistant : Gracyamanda Hutabarat
Make up and hair : Willy Wahyudi ( W2 salon )
Menggunakan Sariayu trend warna 2014 insprirasi Borneo
Aksesoris : Frej
Model  : Evgenia, Anna D, Agne, Maria V ( 21mm ), Inesa, Olesya ( Perfect 10 ), Brenda ( Look ), Dhani, Jeanny,
Kelly ( Mala ), Sarah, Laura M ( Jim ), Nicole, Diana ( F Model ), Kamila, Silwia, Lara, Elodie ( Marry ), Anastasya,
Kayra ( Image ), Barbara ( AMPM ), Katya ( Damn Inc ), Prinka, Michele, Marcela, Reti ( Wynn ), Jesseline, Hege,
Brenda ( Look ), Misha ( Jim ), Marina, Simona, Tri.

Tex Saverio SS2014 Ready-to-Wear-Collection Trunk Show ( Photographed by : Calvin Jo )

Tex Saverio SS2014 Ready-to-Wear-Collection Trunk Show


I don’t need to explain further who is Tex Saverio the young brainchild behind all the awesome gowns we all ‘oohs and aahs’ing about these past few years …..

Yes you all know who is Tex…. The creator of those  gowns who bring couture to another level ….

Those dress you frequently see in our blogs and instagrams too ….

Grace those brides and brides to be …. Somehow … Women like us …

Who has no agenda that is opulent enough to wear a Tex creation ….

Feel inaccessible to his work … I know, you all would think ….

When and where I can wear these ….

And how …… ( Except if you are the Anna dello Russo type who wear couture in any event ) …..


Knowing that InterContinental Jakarta Midplaza will be hosting and exclusive Trunk Show of Tex Saverio’s Ready-to-Wear ….

We all know we all have hope to be dressed in his awesome work ….


Top and skirts you can wear with anything and to suit any of your personality. May it rain may it shine, may it a fashion event,

or an occasional formal party , for me ,

I would love to wear them abroad …..

How proud to tell people who ask ?

That this exceptional peace is made by a young Indonesian brainchild …. ?


Guests are able to preview and purchase designs from Tex Saverio’s latest collection.

And there is one exceptional piece that is up for bidding and yes it’s for a charity cause …

This elegantly-appointed venue is furnished by Medici and graced by a Swarovski chandelier from Schoenbeck …

Chilled champagne by the best and only Möet Hennesy Asia Pacific , what’s better drink than Mört and Chandon in this event ?

Elegant floral decoration by Nefi Decor and sponsored by InterContinental Jakarta sister hotel , Rimba Jimbaran Bali ….


Nowwww ….. Can’t wait to see …. Who win that bid for that exceptionally awesome black gown ?


PS : Thanks Joe ….