Daniel & Vionnie ( Photographed by Kay )

Whoever who don’t believe in fairy tale ….

Should come and meet Daniel and Vionnie ....
They came with smile ....
Preparing and planning prewedding with joy ....
Photoshooting in laughter ...
And tying their knot in love and all the blessing
That's enough to complete a fairy tale

Congratulations dear ....
Love forever

Makeup : Outdoor : Andy Chun Makeup

Indoor : Andreas Zhu

Wardrobe : wedding gown and Qipao : Elly Be Gorgeous ,

gown : Loft 20, Didi Budiardjo, Andreas Odang, BCBG ,

all accessories and hats : Shill Accessories

Cheryl Kids Fashion ( photographed by Norman TJ )

Talking about dress …. I have had gone through lots of discussions,

debates and opinions that nice dresses aren’t essential for little ones …

Coz the, basically, outgrow them before our eyes ……


People say it’s smarter to buy toys, books, to expand their imagination, then say ….

Dresses ….But I have a different opinion

Based on my daily life with two little girls


Growing up with a mother who daily work is planning, advising,

hunting and dealing with outfits for my photo customer ….

My girls naturally surrounded with the world of dress and shoes of their mom’s daily work,

they were also showered with dresses and fashion items from our fellow designer friends ….


And you have to see how dresses …. Is so important in a girl’s life ….


They don’t only wear those beautiful ballgowns on event, but they wear it, daily,

during play, and imagining themselves, a princess, a queen,

or anything they would love to imagine themselves to be and create a story about it ….


It’s been on going since they were two, playing dressed up, and create a story,

again and again ….

I shall say, one nice ball gown they have, has been worn hundreds time …..


The dresses becoming their toys …..

And their source of imagination …..

They can wear it for like 3 years for play and events


I never knew …. All this childhood dress up play lead  my girls to a perennial love to draw and draw and write stories about fairies, princess, or just girls with various dresses, they illustrate them too …..

If you come to my house, I’ll show you the stack of the stories they made …..

I didn’t know, all these play, lead them to write and write, stories to stories …..


All these dressing up imaginary play turns up not bad after all ….


But the most important thing is …. The happiness in their face …

Wearing a beautiful dress …. That’s the priceless amount a parent can pay



When I first see Cheryl Kids Couture ……

I don’t see kids running around in them in a party ……

But wearing them in an endless play at home, with a lush and grand imagination of a opulence of the past …… They could create an imaginary Versailles in their brain, and maybe they build their kingdom on the top of clouds



And I couldn’t imagine …. How happy is a girl, receiving this grand couture … And try it on …. And she turned to be a princess or a queen …. And start imagining it …..


How precious ….



Dresses that’s so precious made of French Chantilly … And all the finest fabric and endless painstaking hand work of a young and very pretty designer too … Miss Cheryl Chandra ….


And I wanna tell you … How these schoolgirls schoolboy model, turn to be the royalty … After they donned the clothes on them …..


Precious , precious , precious …..


Beautiful gown …. Is not just something she wears …. But naturally build their dreams …..


And one more thing … We should teach our kids everything good in life right ….


Dressing up is part of an education ….



Cheryl Kids Fashion  are available in : www.cherylchandra.com

Erick & Regina ( photographed by Kay )

Still in the magic of Indonesia

Two people in love

In the land of serenity

Where the beach kisses the sunrise ….

And the deers still call the trees madness home ….


What else could be more beautiful ….

Thanks Erick and Rere, missing the time we met for photo plans,

missed all the nightly clothes planning,

and all the amazement when your pic was directly edited and sent to me via whassap the night after the photo day …

Then another wardrobe plan , then another wardrobe plan ….


Thanks for your trust to us …

And thanks for all the loveliness you’ve created ….

And the beautifullness you’ve present here


Love forever


Make up        : Ely Agustina ( Outdoor ), Donny Liem ( Indoor )

Wardrobe      : Agreetoshop @agreetoshop

Headpiece     : Shill