Jimmy & Cecilia ( photographed by Kay Moreno Photography )

To shoot a well known fashion designer, we know well we have to put fashion first ….

Then we found that she has Dewi Utari to help her with clothes arrangement ….

We know its gonna be awesome


Cecil designed, produce and style her own dresses … All shown here …

Classy is totally the concept she chose, as its totally ooze from her personality ….


Jimmy, tag along with a class of his own


Set in our studio and the Residence of Nefianto Setiono ( Nefi Decor ) in Sentul …

I shall say this is one of the most elegant photoshoot and as always with lots of laughter


Enjoy these galore of beautiful couture , the smart mix match of masculine meets feminine , cute meets elegance , and old time classic appears in modern reality


Congratulations Jimmy and Cecilia

Love forever


Makeup : Dodo +628161994013

All wardrobe by : Ben Ten

Fashion Editor : Dewi Utari

Location : The Residence of The Setiono’s and Studio Kemang

Accessories : Ben Ten


Alvin & Jennifer ( photographed by Roberto & Calvin Moreno Photography )

Every little girl once dreamed about herself dolled in a wedding gown, and walking down the beautiful aisle with her father … And start her new life , no longer a princess but a queen …


Dreams are always perfect, we create an image in our head ….

By our imagination

As we grow up …. Facing reality is not easy …..


As the little girl start preparing her real wedding…

Anything that’s she dreamed about, is not as seen as what is offered in real life….


First is the venue … In Jakarta, ballrooms are limited… And …

Doesn’t really look like those we see in Disney movie … Or part of Grace Kelly’s wedding ….


No outdoors wedding by the park too …

Weathers are never really friendly here ….


Church are not as seen as in Vera Wang wedding book too …


And … Forget about party under thousands of little starry light as seen in Sabrina or The Great Gatsby


But smart couple …. Like Alvin and Jennifer ….

They know how to create their dreams in real life …

And yes in Jakarta !


Mentored by a good friend wedding planner : Flair ( Lia and Frantze ) ,

A great banquet team at Ritz Carlton PP Jakarta, great decoration by Vicky Vica Decor and off course, dreamy makeup with Susy Kleo and classy classy one of a kind gown, made by Biyan, crown that suit a queen by Rinaldy A Yunardi …..

Their wedding become effortlessly elegant …. Classy … And very pretty


With a positive attitude and a good teamwork with the vendors …

Great support from the loveliest family …..

Alvin and Jennifer wedding become one of a happiest event


Something they ( and we all ) couldn’t get over ….

That they ( and we all ) feel , so sad the wedding is over …..


Missing all those meeting ..

All those planning ….

Missing everything lovely about this couple …


We’re all in a club of “can’t move on” one …..

The day is so happy and very memorable ….

Isn’t these kind of wedding is truly the kind of dream wedding come true ?


Congratulations you both …

Stay happily happily in love


Venue                                                : Ritz Carlton Pasific Place

Wedding Gown                                 :  Biyan

Parents Dress                                    :  Sebastian Gunawan

Wedding Planner / Organizer          : Lia Flair

Make Up                                              : Susi Kleo

Crown                                                   : Rinaldy A Yunardi

Bridesmaid and Sister Dress              : Fifi Rianty

Wedding Decor                                 : Vica Decorations

Videographers                                  : Chronos Production


Timeless & Exquisite Items ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Fashion Editor        : Michael Pondaag

Photographer         : Kay ( Moreno Photography )

Wardrobe                :  Sapto Djojokartiko, DVF, Barli Asmara, Tex Saverio

Make up and hair   :  Qiqi Franky & Team

HeadPiece & Property : Rinaldy A Yunardi, Moreno photography

Sepatu                       : Badgley Mischka – Rococo, Gina – Rococo, Susan Budiharjo

Sarung Tangan       : Rianaldy A Yunardi

Kalung, Gelang & Cincin   : Rinaldy A Yunardi

Anting                      : Rinaldy A Yunardi, Heliopolis

Clutch                       : Isabella Fiore – Rococo

Sunglasses              : Tom Ford – Optik Seis, Prada – Optik Seis

Cape                           : Farah Khan

Swimsuit                  :  Niconico Intimo

Kemeja                     : Just Cavalli at Farah Khan

Stylish Assistent    : Gracyamanda Hutabarat

Model                       : Reti Ragil ( WYNN )

Pour La Vie ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Fashion Editor        : Michael Pondaag

Photographer         : Kay ( Moreno Photography )

Wardrobe               :   Didi Budiardjo

Make up and hair    : Andreaz Zhu

Stylish Assistent     : Christy Agustine

Model                       : Magdalene Groves ( Chrystal Agency )

Lokasi                      : Laperouse Restaurant – Paris


Princess From The Past ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Fashion Editor     : Michael Pondaag

Photographer       : Kay ( Moreno Photography )

Wardrobe               :   Didi Budiardjo,  Denny Wirawan, Priyo Oktaviano,  Mel Ahyar, Arantxa Adi, Sebastian Gunawan, Barli Asmara, Era Soekamto.

Make up and hair : Andreaz Zhu

Aksesoris  & HeadPiece  : Rinaldy A Yunardi

Sepatu                      : Denny Wirawan

Sarung Tangan      : Didi Budiardjo

Bouquet                   : The Coppelia

Stylish Assistent  : Christy Agustine

Model                       : Nina Wedvich ( Chrystal Agency ), Fernanda  ( Perfect 10 ), Agne (  21mm )

Lokasi                       : Seputar Kota Paris