Charly & Junita ( photographed by Kay Moreno Photography )

This year is the year of previous customers’s brothers and sisters’s year …..


And Charly and Junita is one of them …

Charly’s sister Debbie was the one who handle the bookings and all the photo needs and we met Junita only for wardrobe and concept planning


Easy and effortless and we found that both Charly and Junita are both fabulous and super fun


Congratulations Charly and Junita


And thanks for the whole family for always been our dear repeated client


Makeup   : Andy Chun

Location : Taman Bunga Nusantara and Studio Kemang

Wardrobe : Melta Yani for Provocate and Loft 20


Rico & Natalia ( photographed by Kay Moreno Photography )

Love twirls between Rico and Natalia , a very softly spoken, best mannered and super kind couple …. During meeting they met each other eyes and asked for each other opinion , and listen dearly , no one want to be the boss , the just come to us as a team …..


And it been a very easy preparation , and as Natalia once posted in Instagram that she’ll becoming a Bridezilla ,  I texted her and said ” you’d better be one … Cause you’ve been taking the preparation sooo easily …. , need to put a bit of Bridezilla DNA in you ”


But Natalia , born finely as a poised and kind hearted lady , she would never be a Bridezilla …..  Never be ….


She just took the wedding preparation , slowly sure …. And enjoying her prewedding as if just another holiday trip


No stress , effortless , no problem


And as normally what happened to kind couples …. Photo session turns out successfull ,

Even Tulips bloom for them in Vienna ….


And same applied to their wedding too … Smooth sailing


As we always believe …. Good things happened to good couple ….


Rico and Natalia is one of them


Congratulations dear , love you much


Makeup.             : Andreas Zhu

Location.            : Austria