Reshi & Nabila Wedding, Photographed By Agung & Erick Moreno

  • I met the adorable miss Nabila at a Dimsum called Humble House in Lotte Avenue
    She and her mom was having a meeting with her trustful decorator, the one who suggest her vendors, Mr. @yu_cienlotus , he called me while I was eating in another table to join the awesomely pretty miss Nabila, to talk about photo, someway somehow lead to chat about our experience in India ! Then …. We click and a week later her mother chase me up for proposal and soon she send us downpayment, with trustful heart as a bride to be to get her wedding matters done and well prepared, and assisted by her very friendly wedding planner Mr.@bigsonalandro .
  • Nabila is not your ordinary girl, she is a firm decision maker, have a very trustful heart and good respect to people, very funny and super super bubbly. Easy to say, we fall in love with her not only to her ” never boring ” beauty and tall figure, but most of all to her very warm and honest personality.
    Yes, she ain’t your ordinary gorgeous girl, she was born in an amazing package. I salute her parents for bringing up such a kind kid too. They are simply a great family.
    Congratulations dear Nabila and Reshi
    Happily after after, you two, deserve it !Photo by @agungkurniawan#morenophotography
    Makeup @anpasuha
    Headpiece @rinaldyayunardi Kebaya @ferrysunarto
  • Gown By @HianTjen
  • Wedding planner @bigsonalandro
  • Decorator @yu_cienlotus
  • Lighting @lightworks_jakarta
  • And the wedding was held at@ritzcarlton Kuningan last 20th December 2015

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