Days In Chateau Challain ( a fashion spread by Kay Moreno courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Indonesia )

Fashion Editor     : Michael Pondaag

Photographer       : Kay ( Moreno Photography )

Videographer      :  Agung Kurniawan ( Moreno Photography )

Wardrobe               : Chanel, Dior, Biasa, Bin House, Didi Budiardjo, Hian Tjen.

Make up and hair : Donny Liem

Aksesoris                 : Chanel, Ghea Fashion Studio

Shoes                        : Chanel, Dior, Hermes

Vest & Selendang   : Bin House

Celana                       : Dior

Stylish Assistent  : Arinta Wirasto & Michelle Othman

Model                    : Arina Levchenko ( Elite Models )

France Contributor : Kiki Huillet

Lokasi : Chateau De Challais, Angers, Prancis

spread_chateauchallains-1_resize spread_chateauchallains-2_resize spread_chateauchallains-3_resize spread_chateauchallains-4_resize spread_chateauchallains-5_resize spread_chateauchallains-6_resize spread_chateauchallains-7_resize spread_chateauchallains-8_resize

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