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Rico & Natalia ( photographed by Kay Moreno Photography )

Love twirls between Rico and Natalia , a very softly spoken, best mannered and super kind couple …. During meeting they met each other eyes and asked for each other opinion , and listen dearly , no one want to be the boss , the just come to us as a team …..


And it been a very easy preparation , and as Natalia once posted in Instagram that she’ll becoming a Bridezilla ,  I texted her and said ” you’d better be one … Cause you’ve been taking the preparation sooo easily …. , need to put a bit of Bridezilla DNA in you ”


But Natalia , born finely as a poised and kind hearted lady , she would never be a Bridezilla …..  Never be ….


She just took the wedding preparation , slowly sure …. And enjoying her prewedding as if just another holiday trip


No stress , effortless , no problem


And as normally what happened to kind couples …. Photo session turns out successfull ,

Even Tulips bloom for them in Vienna ….


And same applied to their wedding too … Smooth sailing


As we always believe …. Good things happened to good couple ….


Rico and Natalia is one of them


Congratulations dear , love you much


Makeup.             : Andreas Zhu

Location.            : Austria


Jimmy & Cecilia ( photographed by Kay Moreno Photography )

To shoot a well known fashion designer, we know well we have to put fashion first ….

Then we found that she has Dewi Utari to help her with clothes arrangement ….

We know its gonna be awesome


Cecil designed, produce and style her own dresses … All shown here …

Classy is totally the concept she chose, as its totally ooze from her personality ….


Jimmy, tag along with a class of his own


Set in our studio and the Residence of Nefianto Setiono ( Nefi Decor ) in Sentul …

I shall say this is one of the most elegant photoshoot and as always with lots of laughter


Enjoy these galore of beautiful couture , the smart mix match of masculine meets feminine , cute meets elegance , and old time classic appears in modern reality


Congratulations Jimmy and Cecilia

Love forever


Makeup : Dodo +628161994013

All wardrobe by : Ben Ten

Fashion Editor : Dewi Utari

Location : The Residence of The Setiono’s and Studio Kemang

Accessories : Ben Ten


Ronald & Evelyn ( photographed by Kay Moreno Photography )


Was one hour late coming back to our office …

Followed by two hours conversation later,

this dynamic duo never cease to amuse me ….


Ronald and Evelyn is all about ….

Bold and Beautiful

Good Music

Expensive Taste

And great personality to match …


Never settled for anything ordinary, and a visionaire too ….

Opened to ideas and eat, sleep and breath fashion ….

Naturally, a great partner to work with …


Love you both to the moon and back, still can’t move on from our daily preparation, discussion over whassap session ….

Love every meetings, every preparation prior and post photoshoot


Love every tiny bits and piece of Ronald and Evelyn …



Makeup : Donny Liem

Wardrobe : Tex Saverio , Zimmerman , Tom Ford , Rinaldy A Yunardi.


Daniel & Vionnie ( Photographed by Kay )

Whoever who don’t believe in fairy tale ….

Should come and meet Daniel and Vionnie ....
They came with smile ....
Preparing and planning prewedding with joy ....
Photoshooting in laughter ...
And tying their knot in love and all the blessing
That's enough to complete a fairy tale

Congratulations dear ....
Love forever

Makeup : Outdoor : Andy Chun Makeup

Indoor : Andreas Zhu

Wardrobe : wedding gown and Qipao : Elly Be Gorgeous ,

gown : Loft 20, Didi Budiardjo, Andreas Odang, BCBG ,

all accessories and hats : Shill Accessories

Erick & Regina ( photographed by Kay )

Still in the magic of Indonesia

Two people in love

In the land of serenity

Where the beach kisses the sunrise ….

And the deers still call the trees madness home ….


What else could be more beautiful ….

Thanks Erick and Rere, missing the time we met for photo plans,

missed all the nightly clothes planning,

and all the amazement when your pic was directly edited and sent to me via whassap the night after the photo day …

Then another wardrobe plan , then another wardrobe plan ….


Thanks for your trust to us …

And thanks for all the loveliness you’ve created ….

And the beautifullness you’ve present here


Love forever


Make up        : Ely Agustina ( Outdoor ), Donny Liem ( Indoor )

Wardrobe      : Agreetoshop @agreetoshop

Headpiece     : Shill

Jeffri and Devine ( photographed by Roberto )


Sometimes a remarkable place just found right beside your doorstep ….

Like what Jeffri and Devine found for their photo day …

A last minute switch from Botanical Garden to the North of PIK ….

close and easy … And we could have Bubble Tea and Caramel Toast afterwards !


Enjoy Jeffri and Devine sunshine’s high voltage smile and laughter as much as we enjoy them


Love you much Jeff and Devine


Love each other forever


Madly in love, like Mickey and Minnie


Makeup                               : Andreas zhu

Wardrobe                           : Loft 20

Malvin and Irene ( photographed by Kay )

I am going to start our prewedding blog with a fresh start,

prewedding from around our very own country ….


Have you ever been to Jogja ? A classical Javanese city,

loaded with fine art, batik, drama and the one and only … Borobudur ….

Yes we all known that … But do you really know how exotic is being under the Jogja’s sky ? They have more than what we all normally know ….


Malvin and Irene surely know more than us …..

They choose Jogya ….

They love it ….

And in love to each other ….



Photographed : by Kay

Makeup by    : Andreas Zhu

Wardrobe     : Biyan, Didi Budiardjo, Linda Mariani, Adrian Gan


Albert and Polina ( photographed by Kay )

Albert and Po are soulmate made in heaven …… that is the first impression when I talked to them ….. so young so cute and incredibly nice nice and nice …….. and totally madly in love

As always… I missed the day of messaging outfits and headpiece with Po …. assisted by Michelle from Loft 20 …. it’s so easy to dress Po, she’s this very petite pretty doll …. anything suits her well …..

Love them to the moon and back …… Little Dragon and little Baby Bunny, stay in love forever

make up : Vonny ( outdoor ) Erika Jenning ( Studio )

Michael and Stephanie ( photographed by Kay )

one could never bored of Bali ….. the island has everything … the romance of high tree, international aknowledged hotel, ocean, cloud and everything, one could never have enough or Bali …. and the beauty of couple in love ….

happy gorgeous one and pretty wardrobe to match …… thanks Michael and Stephanie … it’s been a joy knowing you both …… love forever

Make Up : Ely Agustina
Wardrobe : Imelda Hudiyono
Hian Tjen