Dexter and Christina Wedding, Photographed by Roberto Moreno

Dexter and Christina

Never a couple charms me like the way this couple do.
Every single second of this event is magical
The ceremony, the reception, the dance and most of all the song bride, Christina sang to her groom Dexter.
And the world stop for awhile.

Dexter and Christina

Photographed by Roberto
Makeup Susy Kleo
Headpiece Rinaldy A Yunardi
Wedding Gown Tex Saverio
Decor Nefi Decor
Venue Mulia Hotel Jakartaaa
Wedding Organizer MKE

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Vincent and Melissa Wedding, Photographed by Roberto Moreno

I Take You….


My Faithful partner and my one True Love…

I Promise to encourage you & Inspire you and To LOVE YOU TRULY through


I will Forever be there to laugh with you, to lift you up when you are DOWN…

and to Love you UNCONDITIONALLY…..through all of our ADVENTURES in life TOGETHER.


Make Up : Andy Chun

Wedding Dress : Albert Yanuar

Crown : Rinaldy A Yunardi

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Kok Yong and Inez Wedding, Photographed by Norman Moreno

yong and Inez

Never a dull moment shooting Yong and Inez
And today …. Is their funnest wedding day
Every couple should be inspired by the simplicity but how fun and warm the wedding were.

And here, is the array of picture remember

Kok Yong and Inez Siantar
Photographed by Norman
Makeup Bride : Andreas Zhu
Makeup sisters : Hendry Than
Headpiece : Rinaldy A Yunardi
Wedding Gown : Hian Tjen
Anaz , Kiki and mom Gown : Yogie Pratama
Krisna and Dewi gown : Etiquette Indonesia
Location : Alkaff Mansion Singapore

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Reshi & Nabila Wedding, Photographed By Agung & Erick Moreno

  • I met the adorable miss Nabila at a Dimsum called Humble House in Lotte Avenue
    She and her mom was having a meeting with her trustful decorator, the one who suggest her vendors, Mr. @yu_cienlotus , he called me while I was eating in another table to join the awesomely pretty miss Nabila, to talk about photo, someway somehow lead to chat about our experience in India ! Then …. We click and a week later her mother chase me up for proposal and soon she send us downpayment, with trustful heart as a bride to be to get her wedding matters done and well prepared, and assisted by her very friendly wedding planner Mr.@bigsonalandro .
  • Nabila is not your ordinary girl, she is a firm decision maker, have a very trustful heart and good respect to people, very funny and super super bubbly. Easy to say, we fall in love with her not only to her ” never boring ” beauty and tall figure, but most of all to her very warm and honest personality.
    Yes, she ain’t your ordinary gorgeous girl, she was born in an amazing package. I salute her parents for bringing up such a kind kid too. They are simply a great family.
    Congratulations dear Nabila and Reshi
    Happily after after, you two, deserve it !Photo by @agungkurniawan#morenophotography
    Makeup @anpasuha
    Headpiece @rinaldyayunardi Kebaya @ferrysunarto
  • Gown By @HianTjen
  • Wedding planner @bigsonalandro
  • Decorator @yu_cienlotus
  • Lighting @lightworks_jakarta
  • And the wedding was held at@ritzcarlton Kuningan last 20th December 2015

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Cheston And Ely Wedding Part 2 ( Photographed by Agung Moreno )

Here we ask our beautiful bride what is her 10 plus 10 most important things about her wedding And here she share

10 Things that is important for me while preparing wedding :

  1. The presence of my family; especially because we live far apart; and without them, the wedding wouldn’t have happened. And of course with the family from my husband as well.
    2. Finding that one right venue to say “I do”
    3. List of the guests. This goes to many other things like how many invitations to be made, how many seats to be reserved, and so on.
    4. Choosing the right photo&videographer to capture the moments
    5. The invitation design
    6. The weather report, this is very important for us to have plan B just in case it’s raining
    7. Decoration, especially because we wanted to do it outdoor, there are some important things to be considered.
    8. The bridesmaids & groomsmen.
    9. The makeup artist
    10. The pasteur to bless us for the ceremony

10 Things i prepared myself:

1.First thing first, the wedding ring

2. Since we were gonna do the wedding in Belgium, and most of our guests are from Netherlands & outside Belgium, I had to make some arrangements for the transportation & accommodation for the guests

3. The vow! (You might want to go someplace alone, I even had to do it in the very last minute )
4. Tiny little details of wedding like souvenir,decoration details, jars for fruit punch, hand bouquet and corsage included, wedding ring box, and the list could still goes on and on.
5. Selecting the right music for every single event, like the bride entrance, ceremony, dancing, dinner and after party
6. We had to bring the seasoning for the BBQ ourselves
7. Thank you gift
8. Rundown of the day
9. The costumes! This including weddimg dress & shoes
10. The diet 😉


Cheston And Ely Wedding Part 1( Photographed by Agung Moreno )

There’s a quote says
” people could never forget how you make them feel ”
When planning a wedding, lots of bride and groom to be aim for the most unique theme, decor, dress and photos …. For they love to have a memorable wedding that friends and families would never forget …..  Let’s remind ourselves …. One thing that surely make people remember, is what they feel, on that special wedding ….

Cheston and Ely knows this well, they opt for classy and simple dress and decor, as they know, the whole week pre wedding day and post wedding day programme for the family and friends …. Are their main focus for their unforgettable wedding celebration ….

A very heartful welcome to a weekend stay together, get together, having fun in an idyllic  dreamy site …. And a bonfire night before the wedding morning ….

A dreamy and fussfree ceremony, closed with dine and dance ….. Till the the dawn and releasing a wishing lantern together …..

Then a series of town hopping together the day after with the newlywed ….

If you are invited to a wedding like this …. Will you ever forget about it ?

Thanks Cheston and Ely for having us to witness and be a part of your wedding celebration …..
It’s truly an irreplaceable experience

And we wish you a never ending happiness toward future

Thanks for all the hospitality too

Love you both to the moon and back


Photographed by Agung Moreno Photography


Agus And Vicky Holy Matrimony ( Photographed by Calvin Moreno )

How does a bride who deals with brides on daily basis do her own wedding ?

She surely know what to do and who to choose right from the day she say I do

And yet ….. fuss free and effortless …..

Far from a bridezilla dream cause she knows her game

Enjoy the first part of Agus and Vicky wedding

Photographed by Calvin Jo
Makeup Mimi Kwok
Wedding Gown Elly Be Gorgeous
Wedding Organizer Excellent
Decor Vica Decoration

Juve And Imelda Wedding ( Photographed by Agung Moreno )

Everytime I witness an almost perfect wedding , I would come across a couple who don’t really go to the detail
The couple who don’t control
The bride who trust 
The groom who let the vendor do their best
Cause they really know a happy vendor work the best and pour all their energy to create something absolutely fabulous 
And to hire an exceptional experienced wedding planner with great taste 
And voila 
A wedding every brides and grooms dream about
Fresh faced, worry less ….. Cause they know its a wedding
Its not the whole marriage
There are more things to manage, and to look forward
And one thing …. 
They save their mood over the small stuff …..
The result is a happy big smile wedding and photos

Here, enjoy Juventus and Imelda wedding day in these collection of photos
And check who and who were the men and women behind the whole wedding ……
And friends and families who blessed and cheered for this very awesome event

Congratulations Juve and Imelda

Wedding Vendor :

Photographer : Agung Moreno Photography

Decor  : Lotus

Crown Design : Rinaldy A Yunardi

Wed Dress : Imelda Kartini

Wedding Organizer : Flair Wo

Make Up : Donny Liem

Hand bouquet : Atrina

Wed Cakes : White Cream Cakes

Music : Andrew Lee

Mc : Daddo Parus

Videographer : Weddingclip

Venue : Hotel Mulia Senayan